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Recent video on mobility by Ken Okuyama, below.

Short Bio (Biography) - Profile - KEN OKUYAMA (Japanese car designer) ...

Ken Okuyama profile imageKEN OKUYAMA (Born -1959 - Japan) is an Japanese automobile designer (automotive design / car design - eyewear brand design - design studio research & development (R & D) / industrial designer), who worked for Pininfarina car design studio designing and supervising car design projects such as the Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari P4/5 and for General Motors. Mr. Ken Okuyama's car / automotive design studio ethos is based on designing cars to drivers' needs whilst still achieving a highly desirable, clean and simple look without sacrificing functionality or quality.
His given name is Kiyoyuki Okuyama (奥山清行) but goes by Ken Okuyama outside Japan. He was born in Yamagata City, Japan but now lives in Italy speaking Japanese, Italian and English fluently.

Short Design History of Japanese Car Designer: KEN OKUYAMA...

Okuyama Ken ImageKEN OKUYAMA graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 1986 at Pasadena California and for the next 3 years he was a visiting professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design in Japan as well as being Chief Designer for Honda's NSX sports car design project. In 1991 he returned to teach part time at the Art Center College of Design in California. Between 2000 and 2004 he was Chair of the Transportation Design Department at the College but in 2004 he was offered a job at Pininfarina.

Ken Okuyama worked for General Motors and Porsche helping design the new generation Porsche 911 (aka 996) as well as the now famous Boxster sports cars. Before moving to Pininfarina he worked for General Motors in the Advanced Concepts Center in California. During the first tenure at GM in the early 90's he was in charge of designing the Camaro and the C5 Corvette.

News: Ken Okuyama Design establishes a new subsidary in the United States at a former Mercedes Benz Advance Design studio in Irvine California as KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN USA Inc.. The new subsidary will provide design services to a mix of automotive, transportation, product, entertainment and interior design organizations. 13,500 square feet of space right in the heart of Southern California's automotive design epicenter.

Ken Okuyama
Ken Okuyama Design U.S.A. Inc.
17742 Cowan
Irvine , CA , 92614-6012 United States
(949) 250-3025

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2007-2009, Ken Okuyama establishes his own design consortium in Japan & USA named, "Ken Okuyama Design," with design projects ranging from JAPANESE EYEWEAR design to Japanese designed furnitures.

Japan Design Research & Development...
Japanese car design

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Selected as one of the jury for Red Dot award for design in 2013.

What is?

The red dot design award dates back to 1955 and is now one of the world’s largest and most distinguished design competitions. More than 15,000 participations from 70 nations in 2012 alone document the relevance of the internationally sought-after red dot.

Japanese Car Wheels

Newly designed Japanese car wheels - rims for K.O. Designed vehicles but also for auto enthsuiasts to add to the collection of newly designed Japanese wheel rims by Ken Okuyama.
Ken Okuyama Designer Wheels

Forged and expertly designed car wheel rims that you will not find by any other producers of Japanese designer wheels. Ken Okuyama wheels - rims is available for sale, take a look here.


Though Ken Okuyama provides works from home products to automobiles, he has been awarded for audio systems and Japanese home theatre systems. Look at the various design awards here.



In 2008, Ken Okuyama Design Studio presented his first design concept cars under his own name - the Ken Okuyama K.O. 7 Spider car and K.O 8 sports car, a carbon fiber and unpainted aluminum two-seater cars. The K.O. 7 sports car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2008. Ken Okuyama has cooperated with the luxury watch producer TAG Heuer, having fitted the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera at the dashboard of the car. The interior design of the concept car was suggested by the design of the TAG Heuer watch.
In 2008, Ken Okuyama's car design studio will produce the first 20 studio model cars of the K.O. 7 Spider sports cars and K.O 8 cars , already pre-sold to an 'inner circle' of car designer's fans. It will be followed by the production of 99 cars in 2009 and 99 more in 2010. Recently, starting Nov. 1, 2008, K.O. 7 web page started to accept individual consultation for custom built cars. Complete image gallery of Ken Okuyama cars.

Ken Okuyama - K.O. 7 Sports Car

K.O. 7 : Ken Okuyama K.O. 7 Sports Car: The Spartan lightweight spider car is constructed and designed in limited production with aerospace dry carbon, stamped aluminum panel, milled alloy pieces with virtually no paint on. Graphite, stamped aluminum and alloys make this lightweight car both powerful and extremely fuel-efficient. Its engine is powerful, yet low-emission, so that it allies speed with ecological responsibility. They are carefully designed, crafted and assembled by highly skilled Japanese car designers / craftsman in Ichinoseki, a legendary area of Japan where samurai general Yoshitsune lived and died 800 years ago.

Ken Okuyama - K.O. 8 Sports Car

.O. 8 : For those who prefer a enclosed driving, there is a coupe module, which consists of glass windows, a roof, and fixed fenders as demonstrated in Ken Okuyama K.O. 8 sports car. The accessories can be mounted on K.O. 7 in your garage to enjoy the diversity. The electric power pack of K.O. 8 with lithium ion batteries will also come in the form of K.O. 7 when it will be production ready.


Ken Okuyama Design Works & Projects: Value comes first. A function that doesn’t have any value for the users is useless. The abundant research of technology used to give us a lot of innovative functions. However nowadays, no one has the luxury to finance a huge research centre so often anymore. Therefore, we need to create new value first and then functionality for it and after that technology to support it - in that order. This is much harder than it used to be.

We will still be still struggling to make a better living 30 years from now, or even in 100 years. More important is that we enjoy this struggle - and there will be a world in 30 years. Many things that we do now for the current generation won’t leave any room for the future. We are all responsible for what’ll happen today and in the future. What may be the future of Japanese car design? video

Ken Okuyama Designs for green lifestyle: Ken Okuyama Design Project in association with YAMAGATA KOUBOU:
Ken Okuyama Design Studio
Collections begins with furniture & Japanese teapot series (informative video on Japanese tea) designed by Ken Okuyama and carefully crafted by Japanese woodworking craftsman on chairs, tables and pellet stoves of YAMAGATA KOUBOU. Flash slide show & to site.

Ken Okuyama cast iron teapot design imageKen Okuyama wood pellet stove design image
Ken Okuyama interior design imageKen Okuyama robot design image


: Eyewear - Eyeglasses - collection Series:
Ken Okuyama's stylish brand design sense combined with greater usability makes his Japanese eyewear designs one of the most sought after items in the Japanese eyewear industry. The JAPANESE DESIGNER EYEWEAR collection called, "KEN OKUYAMA EYES," is in production through out Japan, Europe and United States. Ken Okuyama eyewear design is considered one of the up coming products in Japanese Eyewear to hit the world market.

Ken Okuyama Design Studio and Inaba Office Chairs collaboration: Inaba Xair Chairs - Office Xair Chair - Office Design

Corporate Philosophy & Ethos: We provide services, such as concept making, designing and overall development.
We aim to create comfortable and affluent lifestyles throughout our business activities.
We aim to establish KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN as brand in which you will continue to cherish as it brings you an array of unique and valuable products. We aim to contribute to society through commercialized innovative design works.

Design Philosophy: This is the design philosophy of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN. Only modern and simple designs can retain their glorious value and only improve with time.
Products that people are anxious to possess - although may not be necessary, rather than products that people are driven to purchase by form of necessity.
These are just the things that are able to enrich our lifestyle and retain value for the ages.
In other words, the products which create a new value for the customer, not to be affiliated with those products that tend to be trapped in the price war.
To produce such products, in order to bring out people’s contentment in their lives of tomorrow, we conduct various kinds of business activities for this particular purpose.

Designers Motivation: "It may sound a little egotistical, I would like to leave a design no matter how insignificant, a design that will last the test of time." Quote: Ken Okuyama in a interview with NHK, Japan.

KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN offers design development service to our customers all over the world and will continue to supply original products to diverse fields. Video & to official web site!

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